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At the southeast corner of our Tucson Monastery is our Liturgical Vestment Department (LVD). Sisters are busy at work sewing albs, stoles, linens, and other articles needed for church services. We are always happy to welcome visitors and patrons.

Our Catalog
We invite you to visit our online catalog by clicking on the appropriate vestment article type which are listed in the menu to the left. We design each item according to your specifications, making every effort to fulfill personal requests for designs and materials - a service for which our patrons show much appreciation. In turn, we are most grateful for the loyal support of our customers. The photos that you see are only a few selections of articles that we have made. Our ministry is to provide vestments and other liturgical items match your present needs in regard to designs, symbols and fabrics of your choice.

Gift Certificate
When a liturgical gift is appropriate for someone in God's service, consider giving a gift certificate. This allows the person the opportunity to choose vestments that are appropriate for their need. If funds are limited we will try to help you design something to fit your budget.

Our Beginnings
Vestment-making for priests, deacons, and other ministers in the Church has a long history. Within our congregation, the history of this work goes back to our beginnings in the Alps of Switzerland in the middle of the 19th century. When a small band of women founded the community of Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, their dedication to prayer was centered in the Eucharist and found expression in their daily duties and work. One of these was stitching, embroidering, and weaving altar linens, chasubles, stoles, copes, banners, and other articles needed for church services.

When our pioneer sisters journeyed to America they continued the work learned at their Swiss Motherhouse. Their dedication to Jesus in the Eucharist again extended itself to their works, one of which was making exquisite hand-embroidered vestments and altar linens. This beautiful tradition was carried on at Clyde for nearly 100 years and then continued in our other monasteries.